Gwyscope was developed at Czech Metrology Institute, together with Ceitec BUT and Nenovision company, all based in Brno, Czech Republic. The contributors are:

Miroslav Valtr (CMI, CEITEC): hardware, electronics design, SPI communication interfaces, data acquisition, calibration and testing,
Petr Klapetek (CMI, CEITEC): software, C and FPGA functionality and interfaces, Lua scripting,
David Nečas (CEITEC): GwyFileObject message passing interface, adaptive sampling functions for Lua, everything related to interfacing Gwyddion,
Jan Martinek (CMI): lock-in concept, electronics design,
Ondřej Novotný (Nenovision): testing and validation, bencharking on Litescope SPM,
Zdeněk Jelínek (Nenovision): communication and Lua interface testing,
Ivan Mahdík (Nenovision): software and electronics testing
Kryštof Kedroň (Nenovison): software testing
Václav Hortvík (CMI): mechanical design.



Miroslav Valtr, mvaltr (at)


Petr Klapetek, pklapetek (at)