Gwyscope Digital Signal Processor is being constantly developed, therefore the presented features can be outdated, but contain at least:

  • feedback loop for contact and non-contact optical lever based SPM probes
  • feedback loop for self-sensing probes (e.g. Akiyama) using FM detection via PLL
  • z piezo signal output through 20-bit DA converter
  • 16 simultaneously sampled 18-bit inputs
  • 16 independent 16-bit outputs
  • reconfigurable input and output voltage ranges
  • two lock in amplifiers with signal generators 500 Hz to 1.2 MHz
  • third internal generator for lock-in operation at other than generating frequency
  • lateral motion control using serial interface or 20 bit DA converters
  • variety of ways how to perform non-raster and adaptive measurements

Depending on the rest of the hardware and control software it can be  used for various SPM tasks, so far it was used for the following:

  • Atomic Force Microscopy and Force-Distance curves acquistion
  • Magnetic Force Microscopy in the lift mode
  • Conductive AFM, Scanning Thermal Microscopy and other additional signal based SPM methods
  • AM Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
  • Sideband FM Electrostatic Force Microscopy
  • Force Volume data acquisition

Few images of measured structures are shown below:

Features Silicon carbide steps measured using Akiyama probe and a quick laboratory setup on an optical table.


Nanosensors fun grating measured using custom built tapping mode AFM